ways to save lots of time with Autodesk Navisworks

In the busy construction world of task deadlines, client meetings, site visits, and task planning, it’s easy to consider the various tools we use every day for granted. Sometimes we overlook that a very important factor that may help save hours of work. Here are some tricks and tricks for you that can help save you time, help a fresh workflow, or prevent a few new grey hairs from cropping up maybe.

Technique #1

You are able to import 2D DWF documents into Autodesk® Navisworks® and use the 2D quantification tools to create accurate quantities for the resources that are required on your projects. You now have built-in 2D and 3D quantification for your multi-format project datasets! Use the Project Browser | Import Sheet & Models.

Trick #2

From inside Autodesk AutoCAD® 2015, you can use the Navisworks Navigator. Here’s how to do it: From your command collection, type NWNAVIGATOR, and the Navigator Palette Windows will open. From there you can do a walk- or fly-through, send views to AutoCAD, or get views from AutoCAD. With the Navisworks Navigator, you can explore the drawings and models that you are building.

Trick #3

With Navisworks Freedom, anyone can view Navisworks NWD models for free. Navisworks Freedom includes a full set of navigation tools, including Walk, Look Around, Take flight, and Zoom. Users can access viewpoints, animations, redlines, and comments. NWD data files seen with Navisworks Freedom give stakeholders identical usage of explore and experience entire projects.

Technique #4

Did you know you will see Navisworks data files saved as NWD with an iPad? To see Navisworks files on the mobile device, use the BIM 360 Glue mobile app. You will see BIM 360 Glue task files, transfer .NWD files to the application directly, and utilize it whether you are online or offline.

Technique #5

Do you realize you can create Navisworks cache data files overnight automatically? It can help save time every morning hours! You are able to automatically create an NWD every full week to provide the project team a snapshot of the project status. Be sure you run Navisworks as an Administrator and run the Batch Tool; you can create your automated duties using the Windows Task Scheduler then.